SMART Platform for smart business leaders

Whether you are looking for right contacts in a particular organization for sales, right company to target for marketing, more contacts for your account management team to move upward in sales funnel, refresh your existing data or want to build a new target profile to plan your lead generation initiatives, MiDataView SMART platform can assist throughout your prospecting process.

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SMART Platform

Empower your sales team with intelligence and insights to make more informed decisions.

MiDataView SMART platform helps you reach the right decision maker fast to help you SELL smartly.Access contact information of millions of professionals and decision makersand save time in prospecting. On top of this, all our lead data comes with complete information, like titles, phone numbers, direct emails, location, company profile and much more.

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Research and Revenue

Plan your sales success with more revenue generating regions and accounts

If you have the target companies and geographies and want to reach out to them based on revenue they generate then MiDataView platform can help you select those geographies and accounts. With complete intelligence on revenue and market size, you can filter your target and reach out to them more effectively.

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Marketing Campaign

Give your marketing campaign that extra boost to build a better pipeline

Success of any marketing campaign depends largely on targeted and accurate list of prospects. Without accurate and targeted leads, all marketing campaigns fall flat without generating any pipeline. MiDataView helps you build segmented prospect lists to improve deliverability rates to build pipeline of qualified leads marketing send to the sales team.

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Account Based Marketing

Optimize your sales performance with account based marketing

If you have a list of defined accounts which you need to target and just want the contacts from those accounts, then MiDataView can help. You just need to search list of accounts and the type of job titles you are looking for. With the right contact of the decision makers, your team will have everything they need to connect, engage and win defined accounts.

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MiDataView Target Leads

Hit your target with complete contact information

In case you have already build the list of target leads but do not have their direct emails, phone numbers and other details then also MiDataView comes to your rescue with complete contact information of you target leads. MiDataView records comes with complete information like phone number,website domain, company name, industry, location, HQ, NAICS, SIC, social profiles and much more to give you more insights on your lead and direct path to the right decision maker to make informed decision.

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Wide Range Of Services To Expand Your Partnership With MiDataView

Target List Research

Target List Research

Our targeted B2B List Development service ensures clients a ready-to-use custom lead list of targeted, pre-qualified and validated prospects to provide their sales force an extra edge. If you need our help to develop customer list of leads, then please reach out to us with your requirement and we will do the rest.

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On-Demand Integration and API

On-Demand Integration and API

Seamless integration to your CRM and other systemsas well as other back-office applications and data in order to add value to your organizational existing data to improve quality and reduce prospecting time.

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Professional Services

Professional Services

MiDataView Professional Services team supports customers with best-in-class strategic and technical services focused on achieving business targets. The MiDataView team provides rich insight and experience yielded from over a decade of diverse enterprise engagements.

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Let us help you build your target list in order to sell as quickly as you can. Request a no-obligation quote for MiDataView Target List Research Services today.

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