Account Assist

Account Assist Helps You Plan Your Target Accounts From Scratch

Account Assist
Account Assist


MiDataView Account Assist helps you plan your target accounts from scratch. If you have your target criteria such as geography, company size, revenue or industry then you can estimate your target size and build a list of accounts that best suits your demand generation strategy. You can simply apply the filters and estimate your market size and number of accounts to target. With millions of company records across the globe MiDataView is there for you at every step to build a highly segmented target account list. With Account Assist, you can drive all your efforts in targeting fewer but better accounts which are more likely to be converted.

Account Assist


Now that you have your target accounts build and want right contacts from those companies, then MiDataView can help. MiDataView helps you access decision-maker profiles with complete set of information like location, direct email, job title, department and phone no to reach out to them directly and bypass gatekeepers. Thus saving a lot of time in reaching the right person.

All these are available at the click of mouse. With MiDataView aesthetically designed search interface, you can apply multiple search criteria on the platform to get the list of your target leads only and that too in matter of seconds.

Account Assist


MiDataView provides actionable insights to help your team with everything they need to connect and engage the right person. With up-to-date and comprehensive contacts on target accounts, sales reps are armed with the names, positions, and areas of responsibility of the company’s leadership structure before they reach out to them.

Benefits of Account Assist

Target Buildup

Build target account list based on your criteria.

Accounts and Engagement

Identify which accounts to target and access key decision makers to engage.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing with contacts that match your target criteria.

Dedicated Account Managers

MiDataView Account Managers help you plan your target accounts from scratch.

API Integrations

Ready to use APIs for Integrations to leading CRM and legacy systems.

Pipelines and Opportunities

feed pipelines with relevant opportunities to help grow sales

Financial and Industry Attributes

Gain insights with demographic, financial and other industry attributes.

Let us help you build your target list in order to sell as quickly as you can. Request a no-obligation quote for MiDataView Target List Research Services today.

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