In a world where data breaches and government requests for access to online customer information are daily occurrences, it is essential for organizations to choose a vendor that is compliant with the industry requirement. In our continuous effort to meet the industry compliance requirements, MiDataView strives hard to work with companies, vendors and other parties to adhere to required compliances. MiDataView has taken a number of steps to meet the compliance requirements in this space.

What does this mean for MiDataView and our customers?

MiDataView intends to address the most rigorous security, compliance and privacy demands of our customers. MiDataView helps organizations comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of data on its SMART platform.

Third Party

In our continuous effort to work in a compliant environment, MiDataView works with third parties who are industry compliant and asks them to comply as required. MiDataView has also undertaken a number of steps to ensure that the third party we are working with is industry compliant.

Future Steps

MiDataView helps customers in their prospecting in the most secure way possible. Many of the compliance and certification project are in progress and will be informed to our customers once completed. If you need a particular types of compliance to work with MiDataView then please contact us.