Marketing Assist

Great Marketing Campaigns Start With Great Prospect Data

Marketing Assist


MiDataView provides complete company information, contact details, and insights you need to profile your target customers efficiently. With MiDataView Marketing Assist, you can easily analyze market size, company revenue and get targeted marketing lists to focus on the strongest prospects.


Most of the marketing campaign fall flat due to bad or inaccurate data. For a savvy marketer, the targeted lead data is of utmost importance to reach out to ideal customers. MiDataView Marketing Assist helps you build targeted prospect lists, improve deliverability rates, get more opens and clicks and grow the number of qualified leads you send to build a strong pipeline.


Build your pipeline from millions of prospects data using multiple parameters relevant to your organization to engage with better accounts for better conversion. Marketing Assist helps you target better accounts by using tighter segmentations and search criteria to give you access to decision-maker profiles and corporate information to identify key decision maker.

Marketing Assist

Benefits of Marketing Assist

One Platform

Access key decision makers in one platform.

Engagement and Focus

MiDataView Drive engagement with focussed prospect list.

Search Less and Engage More

With Marketing Assist, you can search millions of companies to find your ideal prospects.

Shortening Sales Cycles

MiDataView Decrease lead acquisition costs and assist sales in shortening sales cycles.

API Integrations

Ready to use APIs for Integrations to leading CRM and legacy systems.

Dedicated Account Managers

MiDataView Account Managers help you plan your target accounts from scratch.

Campaign Boosting

Boost campaign effectiveness through improved targeting and accurate list.

Let us help you build your target list in order to sell as quickly as you can. Request a no-obligation quote for MiDataView Target List Research Services today.

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